Tho Ha Pottery – The passionate national breath has been somewhat faded and forgotten

I still think that the cradle of Northern ceramics has given the people of this place a better life than many other places, but now it has changed so much. Facing the harsh market economy, increasingly demanding on the quality and design of products, Tho Ha pottery workers were confused, could not keep up with the times and had to abandon a traditional profession and switch to a traditional profession. to do other economic activities.

Remnants of rich pottery in the past seem to remain only in the memories of the elderly artisans. The whole village now has only one ceramic cooperative, and the cooperative’s warehouse does not have any products worth paying attention to and the size of a craft village.

Uncle Trinh Dac Tan, the director of the cooperative, the only person still enthusiastic about the local traditional craft, said that Tho Ha Pottery Enterprise had previously been dissolved because of its weak production capacity and mechanism. bureaucratic subsidies, production according to regulations, management capacity is still weak, cannot keep up with the market, so it does not guarantee the life of cooperative members.

Uncle Tan confided that his face was thoughtful and worried about the loss of his profession. Although the commune government created favorable conditions and provided vocational training for 30 students in Tho Ha village, it was difficult to maintain and make them stick with the profession, let alone recruit more. The policy on the scale of private kilns launched since 2007 has not yet been implemented, so the scale of the cooperative is still only encapsulated in a plot of land around 100m2.

From the same starting point, but Bat Trang and Phu Lang pottery villages are growing stronger and richer. Timely keeping pace with the developments of society and consumer markets, perfecting both quality and design, creating new products with high aesthetic value combined with modern techniques and the expertise of many generations passed down. While Tho Ha pottery village was once famous but now lags behind, not keeping up with the times, what a pity!

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