Tho Ha – Memories of ancient pottery village

Stepping into Tho Ha ancient village, you have entered a picture frame of national history, with the most features of the ancient architecture and art of pottery making. The most interesting are the small alleys. A red color of worn-out old bricks, showing the spirit of the footsteps of time, the alley is attractive, the wall is lined with a glossy dark brown earthenware.

Distinctive features are that Tho Ha ancient village does not use glaze, the ceramic is fired at high temperature to melt the glaze and become crockery, the ceramic is dark brown, bruised and bruised, the sound of knocking on the ceramic is like steel, thin. Ceramic has sharp edges like a knife, holds liquids that never penetrate, holds solids tightly and never molds, even if buried in the ground or immersed in water for hundreds of years, it still retains its color as it was when it was first released. Therefore, Tho Ha ancient village for thousands of years does not lose color due to good firing techniques.

The people in Tho Ha ancient village only made household items, the famous jars, poodles for a while. The surface of the ceramic ware is dark purple, hard, and rattles like cold steel. The pieces of ancient pottery left on the walls in Tho Ha ancient village are still intact, that’s why the soul of the pottery seems to remain forever.

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