Tho Ha craft village – a countryside full of Vietnamese quintessence

Tho Ha ancient village is one of the rare villages that still retains the ancient cultural beauty with banyan trees, wells, communal yards and old houses located deep in the alley. Today, traces of the once-glossy pottery are still evident on the broken ceramic walls or small terracotta coffins. It is an ancient beauty bearing the typical imprint of a pure Vietnamese village with a very unique architectural, cultural and landscape complex. Among them are the ancient architectural works built in the 17th century that have been recognized by the state.

Tho Ha ancient village communal house is a famous communal house of Kinh Bac, built in 1692, representing the spiritual and cultural space of the Vietnamese people with typical architectural features. The theme shown on the architectural elements is mainly the theme “four spirits”, “four precious” stylized flowers, birds, animals and human figures. Therefore, art researchers consider Tho Ha communal house to be an art museum of ancient Vietnamese architecture.

Tho Ha ancient village Pagoda named “Doan Minh Tu” was built in the 16th century with large scale.The whole pagoda includes: pagoda yard, front hall, incense burning hall, upper hall and ancestral house

The Temple of Literature in Tho Ha ancient village was built in the 17th century. This place is considered to be the cradle of Tho Ha education. During the exam season, the students all come here to burn incense and worship with a sincere heart.

In Tho Ha ancient village, archways, shrines, communal houses, pagodas, and hundreds of years old houses still exist and stretch over time. All create a unique and harmonious architectural-art complex with bold traditional characteristics of an ancient village.

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