Tho Ha ancient village today

Now people refer to Tho Ha ancient village by the new name “Tho Ha makes rice paper rolls”. Visiting Tho Ha ancient village, one of the unforgettable impressions is that everywhere you can see the rice paper rolls being dried by the people.In the past, Tho Ha ancient village had a pottery profession that helped people become the richest in the Kinh Bac region. The pace of life in the village is very vibrant. However, when plastic products were born, the villagers of Tho Ha ancient village could not find an outlet for the product, the amount of pottery consumed decreased significantly and so ceramics gradually lost the market and Tho Ha also The traditional profession is gradually lost.

After the cake is finished, the skillful hands of the craftsman spread it on each bamboo screen (also known as the truss) made of bamboo, when the sun has just dawned, people bring the cakes out to dry. The idea is not fussy and complicated, but to get a good batch of cakes depends a lot on the experience of soaking rice and the technique of coating the cake.

The drying process also determines the quality of the cake, because if it rains, the cake will become moldy, if it is too sunny or too dry, the cake will be brittle, cracked, delicious cake is flexible, thin and tough. not torn and not too salty. Tho Ha spring rolls are both flexible, chewy and delicious, so they are not only reputable with domestic customers but also exported to foreign countries.

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