Tho Ha ancient village – The spirit of footsteps of time

The ancient imprint still lingers on the ancient temple of Tho Ha ancient village. Tho Ha Pagoda is also known as “Doan Minh Tu.” This temple is also honored to be recognized as a national historical and cultural relic. Tho Ha Pagoda has a large area. The pagoda includes a three-way gate, a bell tower and a front hall. The steeple and the forecourt are both intricately and splendidly carved. Up to now, Tho Ha Pagoda still retains many ancient ceramic artifacts: incense bowls, pots.

A special feature in the architecture of Tho Ha village must be followed by literature, the cradle of Tho Ha’s education. The temple of Tho Ha ancient village was built in the 17th century. It worships Confucius and 72 other sages. This place attracts a lot of visitors inside and outside the village. Especially in the exam season, the students consider this as a spiritual point, worshiping with sincere hope of passing. On February 28, 1999, Tho Ha ancient village was also recognized as a cultural and historical relic.

Going deep into the village, the nostalgia of an old time is even more evident. An ancient, rustic village with winding alleys. Walking along the attractive alleys, visitors encounter the red color of the old bricks around. The walls are still intact with pieces of old wood. The ceramic soul seems to remain forever despite the cruel steps of time.

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