Tho Ha ancient village – The romantic beauty is heartbreaking

About 50km north of Hanoi, Tho Ha ancient village belongs to Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. The village has a unique location because three sides are surrounded by Cau River, one side is bordered by green hills. Most people in and out Tho Ha ancient village have to take a boat across the river. Therefore, coming here, people feel like they are lost in a separate ancient world.

Unlike many Vietnamese villages, experiencing the ups and downs of history and the ravages of time, Tho Ha ancient village still shows up with all the ancient and mossy features. The unique architecture and cultural activities of the village have a strong attraction to domestic and foreign tourists.

The first image that impresses visitors when setting foot in the village is the simple boats parked by the wharf with old sycamore trees dropping their long shaggy roots into the river. Children in Tho Ha ancient village perched on tree branches, laughter and laughter spread on the water surface. Right on the wharf there is an ancient temple worshiping the Citadel.

Next to the temple is a small restaurant, old wooden tables and chairs on the concave ground. The owner of the shop, with white hair, is kind, sitting and chewing betel nut like in a fairy tale.

The roads in Tho Ha ancient village are narrow and are paved with traditional red bricks that have been worn down by time. The houses are close together, the roof tiles are tinged with moss.

The walls are not plastered, in some places just bricks, baked tiles or small earthenware are stacked in layers, layers, creating a unique look in architecture.

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