Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province is not only a place of labor, production and organization of spiritual and cultural activities. It also preserves good customs and habits, a land of talented people, once famous throughout the country for traditional pottery. A place to connect clan and neighbor relations with very close, simple and dear memories.

Coming here, we see the bustling scene of Cau River, watching the ancient banyan trees rising up between heaven and earth, visiting extremely unique architectural works such as: Communal House, pagoda, Van Chi Tho Ha, village gate, village temples, ancient wells, or ancient and mossy alleys made of baked bricks, ceramics, and small sarcophagus; visiting families making rice noodles, cooking wine, making rice paper rolls… All have created a rustic but extremely unique beauty, bearing the typical imprint of a village in the Northern Delta.

The scenery here is peaceful. Tho is land, Ha is a river, Tho Ha has three sides bordering the river, like a small island. The village has 3 wharfs. Chua wharf is in front of Dinh, Duoi wharf is located in hamlet 4. Tren wharf is in hamlet 1. In the past, people used rowing boats, so the image of Cau river was very poetic. But nowadays people use motorboats so it can transport more people and is more convenient. Along the riverside of Tho Ha village are boats and fishing boats. Lying peacefully on the poetic Cau river, Tho Ha village has brought with it extremely unique, rich traditional cultural values, ancient beauty with the imprint of a pure Vietnamese village.

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