Tho Ha ancient village – The beauty imprinted with the sunset

Whether you are in the sea or the border region, in the midst of a noisy, bustling town or a peaceful village space, the sunset always makes people pause in their thoughts. In particular, in the frosty weather, the sunset always has a deeper and more melancholy beauty than the cold or freezing right before and after…

Although it happened quite quickly, the sight of the sun shining like an orange on the canopy of an ancient tree in Tho Ha ancient village made many people have to put aside all activities to watch and then immerse themselves in thought…

The scene where the sun is about to go down the mountain right in front of a lonely tree will make people’s hearts become more nostalgic, especially for those who are living in a foreign land, hometown…

Perhaps there is nothing more romantic than sitting quietly watching the sun set in the leisurely afternoon bells in the space of Tho Ha ancient village. If alone, people will miss a lot, if there is a couple, people will feel more than the value of moments in life, in love..

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