Tho Ha ancient village – The alleys tinged with time

Coming to Tho Ha ancient village is about going back to the hunky alleys and the walls patched with fragments of time, full of nostalgia. Tho Ha ancient village has the beauty of an ancient village with charming scenery, one side is a busy river on the wharf under the boat, the other side is majestic ancient trees with many houses tinged with time.

It is often said that the simplest and purest is the most beautiful and enduring. That is true when setting foot in the ancient village of Tho Ha ancient village, A pure Vietnamese ancient village with many traditional features of the Northern region. The ancient mossy appearance of the landscape and architectural complex as well as the post-rustic purity of Tho Ha people have left an indelible impression.

The same sound and smell is color, a red tone of worn old bricks, showing the spirit on the walls of the houses, along the charming alleys. The lined walls were covered with a glossy red-brown or black crockery, of broken jars and discarded pieces of pottery. The ceramic walls tinged with time, the small alleys create a different, ancient, mossy and rich Tho Ha ancient village

Come to Tho Ha to visit craft villages, visit old mossy walls, visit communal houses with quintessential carvings of their ancestors. The architectural masterpieces at Tho Ha communal house are not only the heritage of the village but also the cultural treasures of the country. Afternoon drifts gently, finding Tho Ha ancient village passionately and lounging in that cultural architectural space, the more we explore, the more we see the great value of what has been and remains with this place.

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