Tho Ha ancient village – Super tight village in the North

Behind the ancient village gate is a strange thing for anyone who has ever been to Tho Ha ancient village. With the name of a village, in a rural area, Tho Ha ancient village is currently doing things that are nowhere to be found: the village has no agricultural land, the village has a population density equal to that of the inner districts of Hanoi, the old house is a place to live. raising pigs, super narrow lanes, children without playgrounds and high land prices..

With only an area of ​​0.2km2, this village has had to accommodate more than 900 households with 4,000 people. Calculate the density in Tho Ha up to more than 20,000 people/km2. Not only is the land tight and crowded, but Tho Ha ancient village is also a rare village without agricultural land for production. Non-agricultural village and probably unique in this Viet Yen area, Bac Giang.

The land is too meager, so the construction of rural roads is also limited to the maximum extent. The whole village of Tho Ha ancient village is divided into four hamlets, but there is only one road running along the foot of the dyke which is more than 1km long and from here are the crossroads like a fishbone with a length of 100-200m, stabbing from the main road to the pond behind the village.

When I rode my motorbike into an alley to look for some old houses to take pictures, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t turn around if I wanted to go out. Try measuring this alley, it’s wide… 90cm, no different from the narrowest alleys in the Old Quarter outside of Hanoi. In a rural area 50km away from Hanoi in the midland and mountainous province of Bac Giang, it is too strange to have such super narrow alleys.



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