Tho Ha ancient village – romantic, floating as if lost in a fairyland

Located along the north bank of Cau River, three sides are immense rivers, the village appears as a small island. Known for the earliest pottery profession, which is famous near and far, this village was formerly one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people, the first cradle of ceramics. Today, Tho Ha ancient village is no longer a ceramic village, but traces are still imprinted on the ancient walls built with ceramic pieces combined with the mud of the Cau River.

The unique architecture and cultural activities of Tho Ha ancient village a strangely strong attraction. Faintly in the sad afternoon, the curves of mossy communal houses blend into the ancient features of hundreds of years old banyan trees around the village gate, bringing us into the fairy world with a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia.

Ancient features carved into the shape of the countryside from the narrow alleyways , water wharf, communal yard. all exude an old, mossy look. With all its quiet ancient features, a long cultural history and bustling life, Tho Ha ancient village is like a bridge connecting the present with the past, a place that attracts many researchers. , domestic and foreign tourists

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