Tho Ha ancient village reminds us of all that pure love of the homeland

Speaking of Tho Ha ancient village, one cannot help but mention pottery. It is not difficult to recognize the traces of the pottery profession that once “reigned” with pottery hidden on the roofs, walls, jars around the village…Pottery in Tho Ha ancient village has flourished since the 14th century. This is one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese, next to Phu Lang (Que Vo, Bac Ninh) and Bat Trang (Gia Lam, Hanoi).

Tho Ha ancient village pottery has its own unique characteristics: high crockery, waterproof, bell-like sound, smooth, warm and close red-brown glaze color. Ceramics have eternal durability even when buried in the ground, immersed in water. The village only made household ceramics, the famous jars, cottages, and pots. The pieces of ancient pottery left on the walls are still intact, the soul of the pottery seems to remain forever.

Thanks to pottery making, the lives of people in the past were better than in other places. The flourishing of pottery has helped people build a complex of architectural temples, communal houses, temples, village gates, and grand palaces.

Tho Ha ancient village is also famous for its ancient architectures from houses to village gates, the ancient wells are made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. In particular, this place also has an ancient temple and a superficial communal house – a masterpiece of traditional Vietnamese architecture

The ancient beauty in the ancient architectural areas, the ancient villages along with the traditional crafts imprinted with the spirit of Tho Ha ancient village countryside have been creating a great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists, with those who study about Tho Ha. architecture and fine arts, artists and artisans come to visit and find inspiration.

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