Tho Ha ancient village – Peaceful beauty

Tho Ha ancient village is a place to keep the simple and close traditional beauty in Vietnamese culture. The peaceful old villages with quiet space still exist as a thread connecting the past and the present

Located on the Cau River, Tho Ha ancient village is one of the rare ancient villages that still retains the ancient cultural features of Kinh Bac region, including lifestyle, architecture, spirituality and production. This is a rural village with charming scenery, banyan trees, water wharf, communal house yard, close-knit old houses located deep in ancient alleys.

Unlike villages in the Northern Delta, Tho Ha ancient village residents have absolutely no fields but live mainly by handicrafts and small trade. Before 1960, the village was famous for its pottery making. But later, the people of Tho Ha village switched to making rice paper rolls and rice noodles. If you visit this countryside, it is not difficult to see people working hard in a peaceful setting.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for its ancient architectures, from houses, village gates to ancient wells made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. In particular, this place also exists a temple, the superficial Tho Ha communal house – a masterpiece of Vietnamese traditional architecture.

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