Tho Ha ancient village is quietly nestled by the poetic Cau River

Located on the Cau River,Tho Ha is one of the rare ancient villages that still retains the ancient cultural features of Kinh Bac region, including lifestyle, architecture, spirituality and production. The ancient beauty in the ancient architectural areas along with the traditional crafts imprinted with the spirit of Tho Ha countryside is a great attraction for tourists.

Tho Ha ancient village gate has beautiful and ancient architecture, made from the hands of the village’s folk artisans, showing the prosperity of ancient pottery. This is one of the most beautiful village gates in the lower and middle areas of the Cau River. Tho Ha ancient village is also famous for its ancient architectures from houses to village gates, the ancient wells are made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. In particular, this place also has an ancient pagoda and a superficial communal house – a masterpiece of Vietnamese traditional architecture.

Over the years, the plaster layers have peeled off, revealing broken pieces of pottery, making Tho Ha’s alleys like unique ceramic reliefs. The dense space of raw ceramic makes us feel like time has stopped. Tho Ha ancient village is peacefully leaning on the poetic Cau River, as it has been for hundreds of years…


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