Tho Ha ancient village gate – Hundred years of rain and sunshine

Who has ever experienced a broken life, so that after a long journey back to their hometown, they will understand how the gate creates tangible and invaluable values. Behind the village gate is the integration of the village community and family. These are the common features of customs and habits and also the unique cultural features that no village is the same.

In the soul of every villager in the Northern Delta, the image of the village gate is very dear. From the time I was in the cradle until I grew up, it is not easy to forget the mossy, ancient village gate when walking around the horizon. The village soul is simple and rustic, but it’s easy to forget. Although the architecture and scale of each place is different, the village gate always shows the elegance, bringing a feeling of peace, affection and affection.

Tho Ha ancient village gate is one of the most beautiful village gates in the lower and middle Cau river with ancient architecture. The gate is located at the beginning of the village in front of the communal house, one side is a large lake, the other side is a hundred-year-old banyan tree bearing the cultural imprint of the village in the Northern Delta.

For Tho Ha people, the first time guests come to the house to play, the owner has to come out and greet them at the same gate. Guests returning, too, have to shake hands and pat guests on the shoulder at this gate. Seeing the old man, the gate was built in 1692. On the front of the gate is the Chinese inscription: Tho chi Tan (meaning durable sacred land); Behind the gate is the word: Ha Nguyen Hau (Endless source water – means that the blessings of heaven bestowed on Tho Ha ancient village will last forever).

For the past 121 years, the gate of Tho Ha ancient village is still proud to “take the time to compete with the moon” even though the “scythe” of time has carved deep into each worn-out brick, sunken, deeply sucking the caves as if it were swept away. hidden life. The road passes through the village gate, leaving over the years the unconscious impermanent dust layers, witnessing countless major events of the village.

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