Tho Ha Ancient Village – Finding a past time

As one of the most attractive ancient villages in the North, Tho Ha ancient village stands out with its green trees and ancient brown walls. This is also a village that still retains the old Vietnamese way of life and structure. There is nothing more wonderful than an afternoon strolling among the mossy houses imprinted with time.

The most amazing thing is that Tho Ha ancient village is only about 50km northeast of Hanoi. It possesses many historical and cultural relics dating back hundreds of years. In particular, the religious customs are still passed down through many generations, a prosperous and peaceful land with typical cultural features of the ancient Vietnamese.

Tho Ha ancient village with ancient vestiges is still present through the walls paved with pieces of crockery, the old houses that have survived over time, the simple and rustic features in the countryside. There are the rooster crows early in the morning, the sound of the broom sweeping the rustling banyan leaves, etc. what is different from the noisy, bustling city out there. In Tho Ha ancient village, the familiar images of Vietnamese villages such as village gates, wells, ponds and lakes make tourists feel excited.

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