Tho Ha ancient village – devoted to traditional craft

The profession of pottery gradually died out, instead the profession of making rice paper rolls and especially Tho Ha rice paper quickly developed, creating jobs and stable income for the people here. Tho Ha rice paper has been branded since the 90s of the last century and has become a specialty of Tho Ha ancient village in particular and Bac Giang in general.

Every 4:30 a.m., Mr. Thang – the owner of the Trung You rice paper factory, and his wife enthusiastically teach the fire, prepare the ingredients for a new working day. The selected ingredients are all delicious because they will directly affect the quality of the cake: carefully treated white sesame, peanut kernels, coconut is also an old type of coconut, thick pulp, .Plain rice is soaked in water for 1 to 2 hours, then ground and mixed with molasses juice to create a smooth consistency. So ready for the baking stage. The cake will be coated in two layers and then dried.

Baking is the hardest part, requiring skilled workers to bake cakes on fiery red coals. The rice makers, the drying people, the bakers, split up to do so until about 7 am, dozens of crispy, delicious rice cakes are beautifully packaged waiting for customers to buy. In the village, there are currently more than 300 households making cakes. In addition to selling to retail customers, households produce or accept wholesale for traders from all over the country. The cakes from Tho Ha ancient village just like that, roaming all over the villages and alleys and even on the crowded streets of the city.

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