Tho Ha ancient village, come to love

Unlike other northern villages, Tho Ha ancient village does not rely on rice farming for a living, but works in pottery and floating markets on the river. Tho Ha used to be famous for Pottery, but in the early 1980s, Tho Ha ancient village switched to making dry rice paper and pottery gradually disappeared.

When visitingTho Ha ancient village , we can walk around the village, go from the temple through the scenic gate and then to the communal house. From the center of the village, walking through small alleys and interacting with locals, you can feel and experience daily life in this typical village of the Red River Delta.

The walls around Tho Ha ancient village are not plastered, but instead are pieces of pottery and crockery jars, creating a unique feature for the village. This is truly a country life with distinctive walls that attract film makers, painters and photographers.

Tho Ha ancient village communal house presents a cultural and spiritual space of the Vietnamese people, with some typical architectural styles dating back to the 16th century. The Gate to the village has architecture according to the traditional culture of the Northern Delta region, which looks very ancient.

Previously, the village specialized in pottery making, in the 1980s, villagers abandoned the old tradition and adopted new traditions such as making vermicelli, rice cakes… you can find the remnants of the past that blend into the present. make something traditional here. The village is a maze of alleys and small streets most of them about 1m wide. Walking through the village, you will walk through and under the bamboo trellis that the locals place to dry the rice paper.

The tradition and ancient features of Tho Ha ancient village have attracted many domestic and foreign tourists who want to learn about architecture and art, or get artistic inspiration.

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