Tho Ha Ancient Village – Beauty that lasts with time

Tho Ha ancient village is located in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, about 50 km north of Hanoi. A village located along the Cau River. Stepping into the village, we feel the peaceful and beautiful beauty of life here. A village that is not bustling but full of life. Tho Ha used to be a famous pottery village in the North. There have even been many praising sentences about Tho Ha pottery village. Along the riverside, people still dig a lot of pottery pieces. When it comes to the ancient pottery village, our hearts are filled with emotions.

In addition to pottery, Tho Ha ancient village is also famous for making rice paper. Wherever you go in the village, you will see batches of cakes being dried in the sun. Therefore, Tho Ha is not only beautiful with ancient scenery but also has the beauty of a labor-loving village.

The ancient feature of this village emerges from the quiet moss-covered ancient village, the red brick alleys worn out by time. Here there are walls of broken ceramic pieces like ceramic reliefs. This is just the difference of Tho Ha village compared to other ancient villages in Vietnam.

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