Tho Ha Ancient Village – Another timeline: slow and pure

In the past, since the 14th century, pottery making inTho Ha ancient village has flourished and is classified as one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people, along with Phu Lang pottery and Bat Trang pottery. Tho Ha pottery has its own unique characteristics such as: high crockery, smooth red-brown enamel or unique eel skin.

And especially, the Tho Ha ancient village only makes household pottery such as jars. Up to now, although the pottery profession has almost died out onTho Ha ancient village, the echoes of the old times still linger on the ancient walls built from broken pieces of crockery and jars. It is also because of the flourishing of pottery that Tho Ha has built herself a unique architecture, taking the red-brown color of the crockery pieces as the background.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous throughout the country for its ancient architecture built from burnt bricks and raw ceramics. Over hundreds of years, until now, Tho Ha people still have preserved almost intact the village gate, an extremely familiar architectural work in the villages of the North. The gate is located at the beginning of the village, next to the communal house, next to a large lake.

Today, in Tho Ha ancient village, there is only one pottery maker left. Due to the whirlwind of plastic household goods in the previous decades, the whole village has switched to making rice paper. Nestled in the deep alleys are the long running rice cakes, printing the color of the sun on the mossy crockery walls at the same time.

The noisy pace of life in the 21st century seems to be still being kept outside the village gate, the slowness keeps Tho Ha pure and genuine features of the village. In Tho Ha ancient village, time seems to be standing still for us to indulge in each level of “homeland” emotions.

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