Tho Ha Ancient Village – A poetic space connecting the past with the present

Different from the bustling beauty of Bat Trang pottery village, not as famous as Duong Lam ancient village, Tho Ha ancient village has a very own beauty – the beauty of tranquility and architectural works bearing the imprint of the times. Tho Ha ancient village is not only known for the traditional craft of making rice paper rolls, which is famous throughout the country, but the village is also famous for its ancient architecture with village gate and hundred-of-year-old houses.

The village gate with unique architecture has been the typical image of Tho Ha ancient village for many generations. Along the fishbone-shaped streets in the village, it is not difficult to find many ancient architectural works. Village gate, houses and markets with ancient architecture still stand proudly as the clearest proof of the glorious history of this land.

Not bearing the busy, noisy, touristic, and crafty look like many other ancient villages, Tho Ha ancient village still retains its peaceful, deserted, and bold features of a distant past.

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