Tho Ha Ancient Village – A place to experience the rich flavor of the homeland

Speaking of Kinh Bac, one cannot help but remember the Cau River. Residents on both sides of the river are characterized by their passionate Quan Ho folk song. In the North of Cau River, which is also part of Kinh Bac cultural region, there is Tho Ha ancient village.

Someone once said, Tho Ha ancient village is a place where people born and raised in the city want to come to experience, and those who were born and raised in the countryside want to return to nostalgia. In my memory, the village gate, communal house and pagoda are the most typical symbols of the village, and when I arrived in Tho Ha ancient village, I found that.

Going through the gate is to the communal house and Tho Ha pagoda. Until now, it is not easy to find ancient architectural works with bold moss like that. Due to the ups and downs of time, the profession of pottery has disappeared, the whole village only one family is still hard at work. But this is the highlight to make the tour more interesting. Because Tho Ha pottery is not pure white like Bat Trang pottery, nor is it as shiny as Phu Lang pottery. Tho Ha pottery is simple, simple, close to the life of the villagers in daily life, just jars.

Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, every step feels like touching the cultural and historical imprints typical of the Northern Delta of hundreds of years. The walls instead of bricks are woven with pieces of pottery, sometimes jars, creating “unique” works for everyone to see. The ceramic walls tinged with time, the small alleys create a different, ancient, mossy and rich Tho Ha village.

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