Tho Ha ancient village – A place connecting the present and the past

In the 14th century, Tho Ha ancient village was once one of the most famous centers of Vietnamese pottery making. Tho Ha pottery has its own characteristics such as not being glazed, but using the technique of firing until the glaze of the soil flows out, so the products have high crockery, bell-like sound, smooth, warm red-brown glaze color,  nowhere has it.

According to archaeological artifacts and village genealogy,Tho Ha ancient village is one of the cradles of ceramics, a busy pottery trading port of Kinh Bac region. The flourishing of the pottery profession is also reflected in the architectural complexes of communal houses, pagodas, literature, village gates, and majestic palaces that Tho Ha people have built.

Tho Ha ancient village gate has beautiful and superficial architecture and still carries the characteristics of the traditional culture of the Northern Delta. Tho Ha communal house represents the spiritual and cultural space of the Vietnamese people with many architectural features typical of the sixteenth century. The communal house has a large scale, showing the high level of construction of the communal house of the workers in the past.

The walls in Tho Ha ancient village are not plastered with mortar, but are used from discarded ceramic pieces that are intertwined to create a unique feature for the village. Along each small and narrow alley, only enough for 2 people to walk to avoid each other, the walls are still interlaced with ceramic pieces to create a deep feeling. All of these things make a Tho Ha like stepping out of a fairy tale

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