Tho Ha ancient village – A peaceful moment with dry rice paper

Go to the North, visit the traditional craft villages, to see the cultural imprints of thousands of years on the land of the North. Those images have entered into poetry, music and painting, painting a picture bearing the imprint of the time of Kinh Bac. In that colorful picture, people are especially impressed with the ancient village of Tho Ha ancient village, a place famous for making traditional spring rolls.

Experiencing many ups and downs of space and time, Tho Ha ancient village has proved a land of genius in the land of Kinh Bac. Surely, referring to this countryside, anyone will remember the land famous for generations with pottery villages, traditional banh da nem villages, poetic quan ho songs, or pure ancient architectural ensembles. Vietnam bears the imprint of the inhabitants of the Northern Delta.

Tho Ha ancient village attracts tourists from all over the world because of its antiquity from the village gate system to the old houses. The grandeur in that architecture was created by an ancient Tho Ha that was named as one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people. Wherever, visitors can admire the masterpieces of art made from baked bricks and glazed glazed unglazed as beautiful as in the ancient village of Tho Ha.

According to the flow of time, today, Tho Ha ancient village is once again famous for making rice paper rolls with a history of 40 years. Visit craft villages, look at the quick hands of workers, witness first-hand the batches of freshly baked cakes, which are fully dried in the yard to catch the sun. It seems that this karma has continued the eternal tradition of ancestors, creating jobs for the households here and at the same time creating an indelible mark when mentioning this place.

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