Tho Ha ancient village – a memory region in the midst of modern flow

The winding brick-paved roads keep countless human’s footprints over hundreds of years. Along the two sides of the road, there are the back walls of the houses built of small pieces of pottery, or sarcophagus that have become “trademarks” in Tho Ha ancient village. Imagine you come to Tho Ha ancient village on a mild sunny day, the breeze carries the scent of wild grass in the air, the space is quiet and peaceful, etc. Those make an ideal place for who want to keep away from the hustle and bustle city, so as to feel the peace and gentleness of a close and dear Vietnamese countryside, which seems to have disappeared but in fact still exists.

When coming to Tho Ha ancient village, the first image that leaves an impression on visitors is the quaint village gate nestled under the shadow of an ancient banyan tree. One created by nature, the other created by human hands, the two objects still protect each other during the ups and downs of history like a soulmate, making many people admire. Or the brick roads are still intact of the old village, reminding of a quiet life without crowd and haste.

Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, we were surprised by an ancient village that still preserves the colors of time with a world that contains many mysteries. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Tho Ha ancient village is quietly closed itself into a seemingly forgotten corner. Suddenly stopping here, everyone has an indescribable feeling that is recovery, nostalgia or regret about a difficult-to-find village picture. At that time, I just want to be immersed in the quiet atmosphere of a hundred-year-old village, trying to breathe in the fragrance of the village, the grass, the golden rays of sunlight on the ancient space of Tho Ha. Everything in Tho Ha ancient village seems so special and worthy of respect.

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