Tho Ha ancient pottery – Regret a golden age

Tho Ha ancient village of the Northern Delta region has now undergone many changes, but still retains the vestiges of a “golden age”, making the people here cannot help but regret.

Tho Ha ancient village production, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province has left a historical mark of nearly 7 centuries. With a favorable location as a riverside village, this place quickly became a busy pottery trading port of Kinh Bac region.

Through skillful hands, Tho Ha people “squeeze” the soil, kneading it into many items of all shapes and sizes. Tho Ha ancient village  did not use glaze, the “magical plastic earth” was kneaded and then baked until the glaze itself melted, clinging to the surface of the pottery a smooth, velvety, cool brown color.

Over time, especially with the increasing demands on the quality and design of products by consumers, Tho Ha ancient village makers were confused, unable to keep up with the times and then had to leave a profession. Traditionally, the name was changed to “the village of making rice paper rolls”.

Despite many changes, the ancient pottery pieces left on the walls of many families in the village are still intact, like a bridge between the present and the past, a language without words but profound. . That’s why the pottery soul of the craft village seems to remain forever

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