Tho Ha – A virtual living place with a village scene

Referring to the Vietnamese countryside is referring to the childhood sky of many generations of Vietnamese people. Before the changes of time, although the modern rhythm of the city’s life is gradually creeping into the countryside, the image of Tho Ha ancient village is still intact.

Surely, anyone who visits any village on the S-shaped strip of land has the same feeling of thrill and excitement. Touched by the ancient and poetic beauty of Tho Ha ancient village, still standing firm against the rigors of time or moved by the full return of childhood? Just know that if you want your heart to be calmer and more peaceful, then go back to the Vietnamese village – the safest place and also the most peaceful place.

In Hanoi, there is the famous Thanh Ha ancient village, Bac Giang has the famous Tho Ha ancient village – the oldest village in Bac Giang. Tho Ha ancient village is located in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district. The ancient Tho Ha village is far from the noisy and bustling space of the city. Therefore, this place has many ancient and peaceful beauty like an ancient Vietnamese village with banyan trees, communal house roofs, water wharf. Not only that, this place is also home to the largest concentration of craft villages in Vietnam such as pottery village, banh da village, wine-making village, etc.

Traveling to Tho Ha village, do not be forever fascinated by visiting the ancient and ancient architectures but forget the interesting experiences when making pottery or making rice paper yourself. Sitting on a cruise on the Cau River is also a very interesting thing you should try when traveling to Tho Ha ancient village.

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