Thien Ha Cave, the Milky Way in the mountains

Thien Ha Cave is a scenic spot located in Son Ha commune near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Thien Ha Cave is a natural heritage in the Trang An world heritage complex. The cave is hidden in the Tuong mountain range, a mountain in the Trang An mountain range. To move to Thien Ha cave, visitors can go from Muong Tho Ha village, Son Ha commune to Ben Dang river wharf, take a boat and turn into a small canal with a length of about 1 km. Then continue walking on the 500m long stone road along the foot of Tuong mountain to reach the cave entrance. The scenery of the river along the way is enough to make visitors flutter before that tranquil beauty.

Tuong Mountain has an altitude of nearly 200m. In the 10th century, this mountain range acted as a solid natural wall to surround and protect Hoa Lu citadel near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, associated with places imbued with historical and cultural imprints such as Nha Nha Marina. Le, Phat Dau Son Mountain, Field of Dou Soldier… full of heroism. According to legend, King Le summoned soldiers here and made generals, from then on, the mountain was called General Mountain. Going deep into Thien Ha cave, going through the cave gate about 3-4m high, visitors will discover a cave with a length of 700m including a dry cave with a length of 200m and a water cave with a length of 500m with other unique and fancy shapes. making visitors unable to help but be surprised.

Although the dry cave is not long, it also makes visitors fall in love with the beauty of a silver and gold inlaid palace hidden in the rocky mountains. Having this beauty is because Thien Ha cave has a space like a skylight on the surface of the cave, allowing sunlight to shine, subtly shimmering the magical light of stalactites hidden in many shimmering colors. virtual, attracting viewers. In the dry cave, there is also a door leading to the southern mountainside, called the Sky Well. The skylight is wide and about 2.5-3m high, pouring natural light down to the bottom, making the space open and airy. On sunny days, that light reflects on the stalactites, giving off very fanciful and eye-catching colors.

This Sky Well area still retains many vestiges of the ancient Vietnamese people, who lived about 7500 – 10000 years ago. Here, scientists found traces of mollusks, hewn tools, fragments of magma group, bones of terrestrial animals… Residents here live and fully exploit in the advanced marine environment. . The cultural layer is preserved almost intact in Thien Ha cave, showing a vivid picture of the life of the ancient Vietnamese with the adaptation and creativity of the cultural residents before and after the sea progressed through the period of sea recession. in the New Stone Age.

According to research by scientists, Thien Ha cave is a living cave complex. Because the development of geological layers here is still going strong. The cave system here almost retains the wild look with thousands of bats living. With fanciful and magnificent beauty, Thien Ha cave eco-tourism area near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is really “the galaxy in the heart of the mountain” – a highlight of cave tourism in Ninh Binh for visitors to explore and admire.

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