Thien Ha Cave – Garden of Eden in the middle of the world

With a system of shimmering, fanciful stalactites, Thien Ha cave is considered as one of the most beautiful trans-water caves near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, easily enchanting people right from the first meeting. Therefore, it would be remiss if in your journey to discover the ancient capital in the early spring days, you would miss this attractive place.

Thien Ha cave is located in the east of Son Ha commune near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Nestled in the Tuong mountain range with an altitude of nearly 200m above sea level, Thien Ha Cave has a cool and unique atmosphere when the summer is cool and the winter is warm.

Thien Ha cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is about 700m long, including 200m long dry cave and 500m long water cave, connected through a wide corridor. Inside the large cave, there are many unique stalactites, all appearing in a fanciful space, so it is likened to “the Milky Way in the heart of the mountain”. Especially when coming to the cave on sunny days, you will see places where sunlight shines into the cave, creating a beautiful glow. Tourists often call this place “heaven’s gate” because when looking up, you will see a clear blue sky, with white clouds drifting.

Thien Ha Cave is a place to visit in Ninh Binh that you should definitely not miss in your New Year’s spring trips. In Thien Ha Cave, you not only have fresh air, but also immerse yourself in a poetic and majestic space with interesting shaped stalactites. You will be free to let your imagination fly, creating shapes for inanimate statues.

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