There is such a village

Take me on a tour of the Tho Ha ancient village, deep into the alleys, that alley is an old red of only slanted brick walls. Mr. Trinh Dac Thien, who has been a cultural officer for a long time in Van Ha commune, is proud to tell about a series of unique heritages in Tho Ha ancient village, from the feudal period, this village was once bestowed by the king. “Fantastic customs” to ancient houses that are several generations old, and a unique village festival unlike anywhere else in Vietnam. “You have to come here directly to attend village events to see how different, lively and rich it is,” said Mr. Thien.

Tho Ha ancient village is one of the few ancient villages where the cultural institutions here have gone into many cultural studies, and into the lyrics that any local people can remember by heart. sentences to “play” on every festival or meeting. It is an excerpt from ancient tuong, a quan ho folk song, traditional festivals and even ca tru… These are traditional architectural works bearing the imprint of a rural village. The original North, such as: Banyan tree, water well, communal house yard… All have been registered as national cultural heritage. The heritages converge here and then seep into each seam of soil, water source, save and spread in the life and soul of every Tho Ha ancient village people

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