There are nostalgia

There are nostalgia that will be the motivation to help us live more meaningfully in life. Nostalgia has no form, no taste, and cannot be measured. Nostalgia has no form, no taste, and cannot be measured. Just know that people have nostalgia, all remember and will remember again in life. The memories that follow us over the years will contain many different meanings.

Nostalgia, which can be a feeling of grief due to the distance, the absence of loved ones or the loss of something good in the past. It can be a moment or a song, a song, a scent, a beautiful image… that makes us restless, daydreaming, nostalgic, wanting to come back to life, meet again at present.

Nostalgia is one of the sources of strength that lifts our steps towards the light. Remembering good things, people will know to motivate and encourage themselves to do good things. On the contrary, when we remember something not so good, we will know how not to repeat it in the present, know how to make our life only joy.

Nostalgia helps connect people in life together. In fact, when we remember the past memories: for example, Tho Ha ancient village with a well, a banyan tree, a dyke, a field,…; such as the mother’s early morning appearance, or the strong shoulder, the strict teaching of the father…; For example, the dimpled smile, the nostalgic handshake of a childhood friend… whether intense, tender or fleeting, it also makes people always look forward to each other, wanting to meet and return to each other. together.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to Tho Ha ancient village, sitting next to my parents and talking. This year’s mother is over 70, her eyes are blurry, her legs are weak, her memory is also greatly reduced. But so many old stories from a long time ago, my mother still told them as printed. My father said that thanks to the memory, my mother’s health improved a lot. Then her mother smiled and said: “Remembering also helps me reduce stress and anxiety, and helps me feel less missing my children and grandchildren in more distant places”.

There are nostalgia that is also considered as a valuable asset to each person and the community. Remembering the war years helps us to be proud and grateful for the value of the days we lived in peace. Remembering the days when the whole country struggled against the Covid-19 epidemic made us appreciate the moments of peaceful life even more. Remembering the good fortune in life helps us to live and share, love with those less fortunate than ourselves… Obviously, there are nostalgia that has built up many values and good community meanings.

However, if you go on forever in nostalgia, thinking that only the past is good, it is a defect and a mistake. It makes people weak, depressed, no longer dedicated and enthusiastic about the work and tasks assigned in the present. Moreover, many people still remember the past to pin their sadness, suffering, hatred… so that they can never have moments of serenity. Many people, because they know the benefits of nostalgia, have taken advantage of illegitimate actions to seek their own benefits…Obviously, there are nostalgia that need to be forgotten, but there are also nostalgia that need to be kept as an indispensable baggage in everyone’s life.

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