The white pear blossoms in Si Ma Cai are so beautiful that people’s hearts are broken

According to data from the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam, the whole Quan Ho Than commune has about 310ha of temperate fruit trees, of which 160ha is the pear tree with high economic value and potential for exploitation. tourist waterfall. With the desire to find a new direction in production development for the people, Quan Ho Than Commune People’s Committee boldly proposed a direction to develop agricultural tourism and promote local endemic products, along with traditional culture. The Mong ethnic system lives here.

On that basis, Quan Ho Than People’s Committee coordinated with households to organize the first White Pear Flower Festival near Sapa Vietnam, which took place from March 5 to March 15, 2022. The festival will have many interesting activities such as the program Spring flower viewing – Summer fruit picking; exhibiting Hmong ethnic culture with typical products, labor tools, ethnic musical instruments, traditional costumes…; traditional cultural and artistic programs such as Mong folk song, Khen dance, making money…; push-pull, tug-of-war…

The festival attracts many tourists and locals alike to visit the blooming pear orchards. Visitors are delighted to see the pure white pear flowers blooming in the vast vastness. For many tourists from the city, this is the first time they have seen a white pear forest among the Northwest mountains. The pristine beauty of Tai Nung pear flowers in the mountains of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. Beautiful pear blossom branches can be sold in cities with prices ranging from a few hundred thousand dong to millions of dong.

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