The unique feature of H’mong cuisine in Sapa Vietnam

For generations, the H’mong people in Sapa Vietnam have lived on rocky cliffs, and they have planted corn on the small areas of land that crept through the rocks. Corn is a part of the Mong people’s life, their main source of food. Not only good at care techniques but also skillful in processing many unique and attractive dishes from corn plants. The menmen dish made from corn kernels is one of their age-old dishes. This is not just food, it is also a culture passed down from generation to generation.

The Mong people fill the rock holes in the cliffs, incubate the seeds, rain and wind on the rocky plateau raise the sprouted seeds to turn into lush green corn beds. Ripe corn is returned by the Mong to hang on the kitchen attic, hung on the porch to dry and use gradually. Many homes, when corn is picked, they will separate the corn into individual seeds, select the plump seeds, remove the damaged seeds and then dry them. Corn is carefully stored in earthenware jars to avoid termites or spoilage, used as food for the whole family. To make the dish is also quite elaborate. The succulent corn kernels, after being plucked and dried, will be put into a fine mill to make a powder, then use a sieve to filter the shells that cover the corn kernels, so as to get the finest grains of flour. Ground corn flour is mixed with water and then put in a pot to cook. The pot is kept in the corner of the house and used to eat for the whole day or for the next day. Making a delicious bowl of men men is also an art that requires experience. A successful roast must be delicious, neither too dry nor crushed, and the cornmeal has the right degree of ripeness.

Men men are often eaten with soup, possibly with pork or chicken bone broth if the family can afford it, otherwise, it can be eaten with other vegetable soups. Men men dishes often have to be eaten very slowly, because when put in the mouth, the dish feels dry and difficult to swallow, so the dish must always have a bowl of soup attached. The Hmong family in Sapa Vietnam often buys themselves a stone mortar or a house with more conditions buys a small corn grinder, because this is something they use almost every day and are indispensable. For the H’mong, this dish will appear in most of the New Year celebrations, funerals, weddings… Each person uses a spoon to sit around a bowl of men men, soup bowls, and other traditional dishes, together. Sip a glass of wine and chat. H’mong people in Sapa Vietnam rocky plateau are always enthusiastic and hospitable. The dish of men men for a lifetime feeds the Mong people, the dish is also a famous product such as Thang Co bowl for many tourists everywhere to enjoy, unique and unique cuisine that only the Mong people can have.

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