The TV of a time

The black-and-white television was left on the porch, every time the village opened it, the people in Tho Ha ancient village came to watch the full yard. When it rains, watch it indoors. Mr. Thieng’s TV “serves” my villagers for a while, but has to be sold because the audience is too crowded. Not only people in the village but also people outside the village came. The village next door does not have a television, so people see Mr. Thieng’s TV as the “cultural address” of the whole village.

In the mid-1990s, Mr. Vuong’s family, behind Mr. Thieng’s house, also bought a television. Previously, Mr. Thieng’s house was the center, now it’s Mr. Vuong’s turn to attract viewers with the whole yard and the whole house. Mr. Vuong is an easy-going person, so just let everyone see it comfortably.

After watching it for a while, Mr. Vuong’s family could not stand it. His garden was bare due to being trampled and vandalized, and there was not much fruit left. Unfortunately, he had to limit the audience by collecting money.

His son blocked the gate with a piece of bamboo, whoever came had to spend 200 dong to get in. Every night watching TV, his family also earns a good amount of money. However, not everyone has the money. There are people who always have 200 dong in their pocket to give, but there are also people who don’t have money but want to come in and see. So we have to find a way. One is to sit next to the gatekeeper to sympathize with the gatekeeper for a while and then also enter. The second is to take a shortcut to the neighbor’s house. The shortcut is a bit risky because if the landlord sees it and says a few sentences, it will be embarrassing. However, it is also rarely encountered by the owner, but if he does, he will ignore it.

Once, a few people from the city went to Tho Ha ancient village to play. In the countryside for more than a dozen days, there are times when I get bored, but the house of my relatives where I live does not have a TV. So some people in the city came to Mr. Vuong’s house to watch TV to relieve their sadness. When they saw the scene of collecting money, they couldn’t help but laugh. After watching for a while, they left, and when they returned they said to each other: – Watching TV costs money, the first time I saw it.

In 1993, Tho Ha ancient village had a few more televisions, at that time other neighbors also had so each family with a television only gathered a few dozen people to watch it.

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