The sunset in the mountain town is so beautiful

Legend has it that Sapa Vietnam and Si Ma Cai are twin sisters. Both grew up with the pure beauty of the mountains. But Sapa was more fortunate, 100 years ago she met the Western prince, got married by him and became brilliant known and admired by many people. Si Ma Cai, on the other hand, was less fortunate to still fall asleep in the forbidden forest, precarious and precarious on the rugged rocky mountains. Thanks to that, Si still retains the wild features from the old days. Despite the dizzying changes of modern life, Si is still calm with his own simple and rustic values. Forever with thoughts, the sun has turned red ever since. Sunset in the mountain town, beautiful scenery to be ravishing. As a gift, for distant travelers.

The sun of Lao Cai made us tired very quickly. Then we encountered a group of adults playing on the side of the road near Sapa Vietnam. Seeing as strange, we stopped to watch, because this game is not known in childhood, but here are all adults playing. Before long, we were both caught up in the match. Let’s ring together when there is a score. Suddenly, I found myself laughing out loud in a strange place. When the match was over, a guy approached my friend and scolded: “Because you pointed that machine at me, I lost.” Then they all laughed.

After that dramatic tickling match, we were fully awake. Continue on the road, then stop the car, climb a hill. In the distance, people are clearing grass, preparing for a new crop. H’Mong children play in the plum tree. Life is strangely peaceful. The wind just caressed as if to dispel all worries, busy daily life. We sat for a long time on the hill waiting for sunset near Sapa Vietnam.

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