The “stupid guy” with the restoration of ancient pottery in Tho Ha village

Unable to stand up with pottery, people in the village gave up and switched to other occupations to make a living. By 1992, the warehouse, pottery workshop was liquidated, Tho Ha pottery profession really disappeared after nearly 6 centuries of existence. As for those who love and are passionate about pottery, there is still a pain of restoring the position of Tho Ha pottery.

“Losing the pottery profession is a mistake to his father, to future generations”, that is Mr. Tan’s confided words. He fancied the idea of opening a pottery kiln with the desire to restore the famous traditional craft. It was not until June 1996 that he was able to establish Dong Tam Pottery Cooperative with the capital contribution of like-minded people. This event became the focus of Tho Ha people at that time.

Many people think that he is delusional when he is determined to restore the pottery profession. Moreover, it takes skilled skills to make ceramic products like ancient Tho Ha pottery. He knew how many difficulties he had to face in front of him, but he could only motivate himself: to succeed, he had to overcome difficulties and challenges.

He said: Tho Ha Pottery is like a beautiful but difficult girl. Unlike other types of ceramics, the temperature must be raised from low to high, the temperature in Tho Ha pottery kiln follows a sinusoidal graph, moreover, the firing time also lasts up to 5 days and 5 nights; The time for the ceramic to cool also lasts up to a week.

Mr. Tan confided: The tastes of ceramic lovers are very different from the past. In the immediate future, members of the cooperative will learn the skills of making ancient Tho Ha pottery fluently, then if they want to stand firmly in the market, they will have to improve the product design and design, initially also have reliable partners to order. However, pottery only really comes back and is restored when the income is enough to support the potters


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