The student and the stormy days

Six consecutive rainy days in Tho Ha ancient village. Everywhere you look, you only see water. Water overflows the dam. The water rose to the knees of adults on the way through the alley. Water covered the steps connecting the gate to the courtyard.

In the garden in Tho Ha ancient village, the vegetable beds that Ms. Hoa has scattered all week, are now submerged by water. The small house nestled in the bamboo bushes bordering the garden, where Hoa’s mother and daughter are staying, is also isolated. In the house, the old umbrella still chirped the sound of the announcer about the weather for the next few days. “It is forecasted that heavy rain will last for several days in a row. People should carefully prepare for the protection and preservation of property and houses to prevent rising water.”

The rain stopped but the sky was still pitch black. The sound of the wind howling, the sound of the bamboo hands slapping the back of the house looked fierce. Hoa went to the kitchen to cover the dry wood, went out to the garden to rebuild the corrugated iron roof because of the strong wind, went upstairs to sweep the puddles of rain water that leaked in the middle of the house, and poured out the pots and pans that caught the rain all night. anxiety pervades. Don’t know when it will stop raining? Then the glutinous rice field in the field will be harvested by heaven? And Hiep, when will your child be able to go back to school…

Then the weather calmed down. The rain has also stopped. The scene after the stormy storm looked pathetic. In the field, crops are flooded. In the garden, the water receded, leaving a few patches of land lying bare. The melon root is also wilted from asphyxiation. Next to the well, the chili peppers and herbs are also weak and withered. The roof of the house is skewed, deviating from the two sides of the roof. On the yard are scattered bamboo leaves. Ms. Hoa looked over the scene and tried to smile. Looking at her son, she said:

– Mom went to the village to see if there was any food, bought it to change meals. Then she rolled up her pants, walked along the alley in Tho Ha ancient village, where the water had receded to only her ankles, walking briskly. Her shadow gradually disappeared behind the bamboo grove in front of the alley.

Hiep quickly helped her mother clean up the yard. The water recedes gradually. You will go to school again. Looking at the clear sky, his eyes showed a joy, full of hope.

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