The strange statue of Queen Van Nga placing in the Temple of King Le Dai Hanh

Queen Duong Van Nga was worshiped with King Le Dai Hanh at King Le temple in Hoa Lu ancient capital near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The temple has three courts: the outer court is Bai Duong, the middle one is the burning incense to worship Pham Cu Lang who had merits with King Le Dai Hanh. The main nave of the palace worships Le Hoan sitting facing forward, on the right is Le Long Dinh facing the north, on the left is Queen Duong Van Nga facing south towards the temple of King Dinh. When people built temples in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, they painted a statue of Queen Mother Duong, but the face of the statue was painted red to show the shyness of a woman who worships two husbands and a queen who worships two kings.

Her statue faces towards the temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, implying respect for her previous husband. Every time on the day of the death of King Dinh Tien Hoang, the villagers perform a statue procession ceremony, and Duong Van Nga’s statue is carried from the temple of King Le to the temple of King Dinh and then returned to “Madame”. However, before the procession into the palanquin, they have to turn over the statue’s bottom and beat it with ten lashes, this is a custom that has existed since ancient times and is no longer present.


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