The strange attraction in the tourist capital of Sapa

17km from Sapa Vietnam, Su Pan commune consists of 4 small villages of Black H’mong and Red Dao people lying on the rocky slopes of Na Trong, looking down at Muong Hoa valley. Surrounding that beautiful land is the green color of the mountains, terraced fields, and small houses.

Just 1 day, visitors can go all the way, to every corner, visit every house in Su Pan. Here, visitors are not only impressed with the beautiful scenery here but also enjoy the unique gates designed by the families themselves, decorated with bamboo, wood, agricultural products, and agricultural tools. The outside of the gate is also engraved with the name of the owner, address, phone number and attached a name so that anyone who comes once will never forget it.

In Su Pan, there are famous places such as: Ngua Bay waterfall in the water season, the water on the mountain falls rushing, white foam, emits lively sounds, giving visitors a feeling of comfort and relaxation. relaxed; Chestnut hill with ancient chestnut trees, the children after lessons pull each other up to pick up chestnuts, bake and eat; Su Pan primeval forest in Sapa Vietnam or the lush green love bamboo forest all year round – a place to stop for so many couples. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to experience and discover the customs, practices, and beauty of the people’s beliefs and religions, and immerse themselves in the gentle dances of the beautiful Hmong girl or the Khen dance. , the sound of the lip harp touches the hearts of the H’mong boys at homestays.

Not only that, in the middle of the poetic Su Pan village in Sapa Vietnam, there is an ancient village named Ancient Village of the Tan family. The charming small rustic village with typical Hmong culture is still preserved intact. Simple old houses, girls sitting on the porch embroidered with brocade, old people warm and hospitable. Or football matches played on the field at an altitude of more than 1,500m. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to contemplate and explore the working life, cultural treasures, daily life and cuisine of the Mong people, which still almost retains its original features. It can be said that Su Pan is a fairy village in the middle of a sea of clouds, containing many mysteries that everyone wants to discover.

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