The story of the ancient cave

Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, is the first national park of Vietnam, with an extremely rich, unique and original ecosystem. In the midst of the great wilderness, still like that for thousands of years, there is a beautiful cave hidden on a not very high limestone cliff. It was the house of the ancient people, the ancestors of the Vietnamese in this land, who ate the fur in the hole. That cave, called Ancient Man Cave. The name is true to the real meaning, because it is the place where the ancients lived. On the other side of the mountain range, in the land of Thach Thanh (Thanh Hoa), on the edge of Cuc Phuong National Park, there is another very famous cave, Con Moong row, also a typical relic of the early life period. and mundane nearly ten thousand years ago.

Invited into the cave, Mr. Thai shook his head to refuse. According to Mr. Thai, the Muong people living in Cuc Phuong do not call the cave the Old Man Cave, but the Ma Cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. I have been to many caves, where there are graves of ancient people, including jars, earthen burials, hanging graves, in both the Muong and Thai areas, they all call those caves Hang Ma. Maybe, according to them, the place where the dead live is called Ghost Cave. Muong ancestors said that Ma Cave, where ghosts reside, is very sacred, very creepy, so no one dares to come to it. Mr. Thai also affirmed that, once, in the late afternoon, when he went to get medicine over this cliff, he heard the sound of boys and girls giggling. Thinking tourists were exploring the cave, he crawled down to see.

However, he saw a couple of boys and girls dressed very strangely, only covering their private parts with bark, and together they went down to the stream at the foot of the mountain. He sat on the cliff and watched, and a moment later he saw them coming up from the stream, carrying pipes full of water on their shoulders. They wore stone axes on their hips. Both boys and girls are topless. The girls are dark-skinned, but their breasts are round like grapefruit, very beautiful. The strange thing is that when the group of boys and girls went to get water, laughed and talked, reached the cliff, where there was a cave, they disappeared. Mr. Thai felt as if they had burrowed into the rock. Going home, asking the old Muong people, they said that in Nguoi Xua cave and Con Moong cave, there are these images. The strange thing is that only Muong people can see it, but tourists never see it. The Muong believe that it is the image of their ancestors and that the ancestors only show their descendants. Are the ignorant people who lived in caves nearly ten thousand years ago, are the ancestors of the Muong residents living around Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh now?

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