The story of the ancestor of Tho Ha pottery village

The worship of the ancestors is in fact the affirmation and honoring of the traditional profession. It is a good tradition, showing gratitude to the founder of the profession, helping people have a better life. In order to be able to imagine the creators they worship, people have searched in folk treasures or tried to mythize them to increase their sacredness.

Tho Ha ancient village dates back to the 12th century and is one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese, next to Phu Lang (Bac Ninh) and Bat Trang (Hanoi). According to the genealogy of the Tho Ha ancient village and the archaeological artifacts found, Tho Ha ancient village is one of the cradles of ceramics. Tho Ha ancient village was a busy pottery trading port of Kinh Bac region. The flourishing of pottery has helped people build a complex of communal houses, pagodas, literature, village gates, majestic appearance.

In the village, there is also a story that the ancestor of Tho Ha ancient village is Dr. Dao Tri Tien. At the end of the Ly Dynasty (1009 – 1225), three Mr. Dao Tri Tien, Hua Vinh Cao and Luu Phong Tu worked together as mandarins in the court and were sent to the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127). After completing the mission, on the way back home through Shaozhou, Guangdong province encountered a storm, had to rest. There is a famous pottery kiln here, his father visited and learned the technique of making pottery.

Returning to the country, Dao Tri Tien taught the profession of making crimson ceramics to Tho Ha, Hua Vinh Cao taught the profession of making white ceramics to Bat Trang, and Luu Phong Tu taught the profession of making dark yellow ceramics to Phu Lang. Previously, the ceremony of offering incense to the pottery ancestors was annually held by potters in Tho Ha at home.

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