The story of an American journalist visiting Tho Ha village

Not only famous for making pottery and rice paper, but Tho Ha ancient village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang) also preserves a population of pure Vietnamese ancient architecture with characteristics of the Northern Delta culture. Tho Ha ancient village is becoming an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists. The cold accompanied by drizzle did not make the members of the delegation reduce their interest in exploring the village which was classified by the Vietnam Record Organization in the group of 5 most attractive ancient villages in the country, especially the American journalist. He “scoured” the streets of the village, visiting communal houses, temples as well as ancient houses dating back hundreds of years.

How do you feel when visiting the Tho Ha ancient village of Vietnam?

          Wonderful. This is a memorable experience in my life. Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, I felt like I was lost in the countryside of Vietnam hundreds of years ago. The ancient features of Tho Ha exude from the village gate to the communal house, the roof of the pagoda, each road, the roof… The people here are great at preserving such a unique ancient architectural complex. I am really impressed with Tho Ha village communal house. I can’t imagine that in the middle of a crowded village, villagers have to take advantage of every meter of land to increase production, and a spacious, spacious, clean and beautiful house with such unique architectural art. This proves that Vietnamese people pay great attention to spiritual and cultural life. Unfortunately, until now, not many foreigners know about this wonderful old village. Therefore, we should pay attention to propaganda and promotion so that the image of the ancient Tho Ha village can reach people all over the world.

What advice do you have for local authorities and people?

Laugh! I don’t dare to advise, but I think that what Tho Ha ancient village is today is the effort of many generations to cherish, cherish, preserve and has now become the “treasure” of the village. Therefore, everyone has the responsibility to preserve and promote the cultural and historical values ​​left by their ancestors. I first came to Vietnam in 1995. At that time, your country was not really prosperous, but when I returned 20 years later, I was amazed at the development of your country. The highways, high-rise buildings, new urban areas… sprang up everywhere. People’s living standards improve.

I am very pleased with what Vietnam has achieved. I also wish Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization process soon succeed. However, I also note that many industrialized countries in the world pay special attention to preserving and promoting traditional cultural values. I hope, in the process of developing the country, Vietnam also pays close attention to this issue. In particular, Tho Ha village has all the conditions to develop spiritual cultural tourism, so people and local authorities should promote this strength.

However, in order to succeed, there is still much work to be done, including raising people’s awareness of environmental protection, I see that the environment in Tho Ha ancient village is having problems. If the environmental problem is solved, it will contribute to attracting domestic and foreign tourists to Tho Ha.

Returning to America, what will you tell your friends about Vietnam and Tho Ha village?

Very interesting question! Of course, I will first tell my friends and relatives about my wonderful experiences in Vietnam. You know what, I’m an explorer. I have traveled to many countries around the world, where I stayed the longest was Myanmar (5 years). I have published a book about Myanmar.

Similarly, when I return home, I will organize seminars, write articles, and exhibit photos to introduce Vietnam to the American public, and at the same time collect more materials so that one day I can publish a book. about your country and of course Tho Ha village. The image of an ancient village with sincere, simple and hospitable people has left a deep impression on me.

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