The sound does not fade

Overtime, Cam was exhausted, making her feel like she was melting. My stomach is hungry, but I don’t have the energy to cook. Remembering the other day in Tho Ha ancient village, when she heard Lien say she wanted to buy banh tet, Cam walked gently in the dark for fear of startling her friends and sleeping baby, looking for the smell of cooked sticky rice with the fleshy taste of green beans and greasy. The tet cake is lying there, the cross-section has dried, the layer of leaves is torn and torn. She cut a slice of cake, lazily chewing.

Everything seems to be changing every day in Tho Ha ancient village. At that time, when people mentioned Tet cake, people knew about the anniversary and were most happy when they saw Tet. Now, it has become a popular cake, not too difficult to buy; only extreme naked body on the journey to find a familiar taste, the fragrant plastic that mothers skillfully compress in each slice of cake. At that time, Cam also packed a lot of banh tet and was praised well…

When did Lien wake up, quietly come and sit beside Cam. Lien also cut a piece of cake, ate it instead of breakfast, leaving the slice still unshifted. Having eaten half of the cake, she still had to admit that the cake was really bad.

– So, when I advertise delicious soft cakes, I’m so easily deceived! – Lien frowned, making Cam laugh.

– What’s the good guy that you’ve fallen into? – Cam laughed, giggled, the taste of the cake might be easier to swallow because of that.

– Where is it… The voice is female, but the seller is a man. Oh, but the voice is very familiar – Lien tried to extract the memory again in Tho Ha ancient village.

– Old acquaintance or familiar photo?

– Devil, tease me all the time! – Lien grinned. – Well, you should sleep well, I’m going to work.

Cam hummed lightly but still sat there. The night is over, the day is rising. The light has poured in from the crack of the door, swinging every fist on her body, but it is only enough to illuminate a few vague thoughts about the past, when the image of a creaking little girl carrying bread walking along the far road, trying to keep the sound from calling. color fade. The cry was high and clear, alone, crashing into the gated buildings to finally reverberate back into itself.

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