The smell of happiness

My neighbor now in Tho Ha ancient village, has a family that used to make jam to sell Tet. On December evenings, the whole neighborhood is warmed by the smell of ginger and the sound of pots. After the old lady, the daughters got married, went out on their own, giving up the job of making Tet jam. Sometimes, I see the old lady sitting in front of the door looking around and talking casually about the jams and cakes on New Year’s Eve. In the old woman’s voice, I heard a very sad sigh!

Time flies so fast it’s shocking. The New Year’s passed. The weather cycle is the same every year in Tho Ha ancient village; but perhaps, people’s hearts also change from season to season depending on family circumstances. There are families eagerly waiting for their children to return home, there are also families who mournfully remember that last year their loved ones were still there…

My mother, mother-in-law and old neighbor are now happy with the clouds. The smell of the old season makes me miss them so much. And I understand, the smell of the old season is the smell of happiness in Tho Ha ancient village.

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