The small alleys in Tho Ha village

Tho Ha ancient village is a maze of alleys and small alleys most of which are about 1 meter wide. Herringbone-shaped roads, ancient checkerboard-shaped roads are connected in series. If anyone has the opportunity to walk around in the alleys in Tho Ha ancient village, they will see the uniqueness of Tho Ha ancient village.

The walls around Tho Ha ancient village are not plastered, but instead are pieces of pottery and crock pots that create a unique feature for Tho Ha ancient village. This is truly a country life with distinctive walls that attract film makers, painters and photographers.

Walking through the Tho Ha ancient village, you will walk through and under the bamboo trellis where the locals put the rice paper cake to dry in the sun

At dusk, the sunset falls, the golden sunlight is slanting, the arches, the houses, the pagodas and the ancient communal houses, the walls are covered, built of  ceramics are shining on, exuding golden beauty, red imprints the traces of time.


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