The silhouette of the dear village

My village – Tho Ha is located close to Cau River, in the afternoon the sun is only glimmering in the high sky, Tho Ha river wharf appears full of peace and warmth. From the houses hidden behind bamboo ramparts, blue smoke rose up, radiating to the riverbank. Boats from Van Village, Dai Lam, the right bank of Cau River glide smoothly, cut through the clear blue water, take the people away from work to the Village. On the boat, all the villagers, they told each other the stories of the day, the goods that went up and down, some people talked, some laughed.

Village shadows, in the nostalgia of many people, are sometimes present, sometimes just very romantic things. Mixed up somewhere is the smell of moist soil, the smell of straw, the smell of smoke passing through the canvas. It is the sound of the footsteps of a cat running in the sun on the thatched roof. It’s the sound of chickens chirping on a bush in the middle of a lonely afternoon. It’s the elegant grapefruit scent, the passionate areca scent, the pounding rain on the banana leaves… All of these seem to be still somewhere in my mind and those who have left the village. Those vague things, many times rising very really, very strongly in the mind, making our hearts arrhythmia, making people’s eyes shed tears and making our feet feel wistful, wanting to come back again…

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