The season of corn blooms

Sitting sipping a cup of strong tea in the third row in  Tho Ha ancient village, looking into the living room, on holidays, the children hold phones and computers. Mr. Bui Van Long said: “Students today are so addicted to phones and computers that everyone’s eyes are ‘wearing bottle ass’, different from when we were mostly in the fields”.

Along the banks of the Cau River, people in the hamlet near Tho Ha ancient village grow corn. The lush green corn plants sprouted flags, bore a belly, and sprayed beards. The next time, the corn withered beard, the children in the neighborhood came out to break the corn and eat it. Came to look at corn, slyly looking around, saw that no one was showing off special commando skills… corn. Quickly sneak into the corn to break it, quickly put it in the top pocket, put it in two pockets and then put the shirt in the pants to fill it up… the belly of the corn.

When they became “corn people”, the children ran to the dust again, their clothes were opened, and the corn fell on the sand: bag… The children waved firewood along the river to make a fire and then released the corn. unbaked bag. Burn this layer of firewood and then add another layer of firewood. Burning three layers of firewood is cooked corn picked out to eat. Any corn located above the flame has a protective layer, eaten like cooked corn. The fruit is located in the middle of the coal fire that burns the entire layer of baked corn. The ash left behind means that it is under the ash that is excavated and eaten in the end to become stewed corn. The children ate together, and the food was not good enough to have too many children. The special flavor of three types of corn cooked, grilled, and stewed is the smell of smoke… endlessly stuffed between the teeth.

According to Mr. Long, in Tho Ha ancient village, as is customary, young children break roasted corn to eat on the spot, called it in the field when the fruit trees are ripe, the owner is caught with a rod. Also bringing home to sell is greedy, the owner caught a temple ten, parents, villages are strictly forbidden.

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