The sea of clouds in Fansipan

There are also days when clouds cover the top of the mountain, Fansipan in Sapa Vietnam takes on a solitude and mysterious look. The majestic statue of Amitabha Buddha and Buddhist architectures with the shape of ancient Vietnamese pagodas appear, making viewers feel as if they are lost in the middle of the fairy world. The staff of the resort, who have been with Fansipan for many years, shared that this year from October 10 to the end of October 20 will be the most likely time to meet the sea of clouds in Fansipan and the weather is sunny.

Visitors should come here in the afternoon to admire the most overwhelming sunset of the day and especially not too crowded, there are many opportunities to capture impressive images with “Roof of Indochina” in Sapa Vietnam. Sunset on “Roof of Indochina”, must be a scene that everyone wants to enjoy once in their life, especially in the cloudy season. In the moment when the sun gradually disappeared over the sea of clouds, the sky changed from yellow to orange, to red and then to purple, with the sound of temple bells ringing in the distance, making everyone peaceful and serene.

Not only Fansipan peak in Sapa Vietnam, visitors can admire that magical scene from Van Son Tra shop, enjoy the fragrant hot tea, enjoy the peace when the sky clouds drift through the window and the dark blue color of the mountains drifts away. primary forest. For younger visitors, Du Soleil coffee at the foot of the flagpole with apple cinnamon tea, warm honey lemongrass ginger tea is the ideal place to stop.

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