The scenery of Bac Ha this season captivates people’s hearts.

“The pink peach hill area, the golden mustard hill is very beautiful. My friends and I took pictures to remember it was wonderful. In the near future there will be the season of Tam Hoa plum blossoms and Ta Van near Sapa Vietnam, I will arrange to see the flowers and the world. Tell more friends to come back to Bac Ha,” shared Le Thi Huong Diep, a tourist from Van Yen district, Yen Bai province.

As one of dozens of groups of tourists from Hanoi traveling to Bac Ha in the spring, Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen’s delegation consisted of 30 young couples. Ms. Yen said that the name Bac Ha has become close and familiar to many young people and Hanoi backpackers in the last 5 years, especially Bac Ha is known most beautiful in the spring, when the plum blossoms are in bloom. flowers, Ta Van plums, wild peach flowers, yellow canola flowers bloom.

From the beginning of February this calendar to the period of Tam Hoa plum blossom and in the middle of the month, plum blossoms will bloom in pure white, dyed in poetic white color, promising to be the destination of tourists. Around the beginning of this February (solar calendar), there will be a period of Tam Hoa plum blossoms and in mid-February, Ta Van plum flowers will bloom in pure white, dyed poetic white on the Bac Ha plateau near Sapa Vietnam, promising to be an attractive destination. visitor guide.

“After 4 years of not going to spring because of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, this spring, my family and friends invited each other to come here for a spring vacation on the first Saturday and Sunday holiday after Tet. Bac Ha is so beautiful, even at this age. It’s a pity that the plum blossoms have not bloomed yet, but still have the beauty of cherry blossoms, km7 roses, flower valleys and especially Bac Ha Vegetable Farm near Sapa Vietnam, which is very beautiful, with golden mustard hills and blooming peaches. brilliant.

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