The scenery is harmonious in Sapa Vietnam

Goodbye to Lung Khau Nhin market Tourists continue to overcome winding slopes, hanging halfway up the mountain to reach Cao Son near Sapa Vietnam, covered with clouds all year round at an altitude of 1400m above sea level. This plateau also preserves many old forests with precious timber and medicinal plants. The biodiversity along with the rich distribution of river and stream cave systems has created Cao Son a captivating natural beauty with straight rows of sandalwood trees on high mountain slopes on both sides of the road.

Admiring the scenery here, visitors feel like they have stepped into a fairy tale garden in which nature, landscape, heaven and earth and people are strangely harmonious with each other…Farewell to Cao Son, tourists “climb “Wedging the stream pass” to go to Coc Ly to visit the Coc Ly hydroelectric dam and take a boat trip on the Chay river near Sapa Vietnam. Sailing along the Chay River, tourists let their souls fly along the clear, cool water.

On both sides are towering, dark green mountains in the middle of the sky. In that scene, relax, breathe in the full air, close your eyes to feel the whole long, hard and arduous journey, but all the fatigue and hardship amidst the harmonious landscape of earth and sky are all gone. get out. Unlike the previous majestic and magnificent space, coming here visitors will enjoy the cool air, watch themselves by the cool water streams and feel the lyrical nature of this very unique mountainous region in Sapa Vietnam.

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